LanceSoft DNA LanceSoft DNA

DNA "contains the genetic instructions that are used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms”.Like every living organism, an organization also has its own DNA, which can be visible with the unique approach it takes to perform business activities.

Why LanceSoft Why LanceSoft?

In business since 2000, LanceSoft is a nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that has established itself as a pioneer in providing highly scalable, cost-effective workforce solutions to a diverse set of customers across various industries in the United States.

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We respect our employees and encourage them to maintain high ethical standards and performance excellence at all times. In return, we offer an environment, which provides greater growth opportunities and sense of accomplishment for our employees.


LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy participated in The American Indian Foundation (AIF) Gala held in Bethesda, MD. AIF is a non-profit organization that plays a key role in uniting the Americans and Indians to become active contributors to India's development.

LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy, sponsored the prestigious Pratham Annual Gala held in October 2014 at McLean, VA. Pratham USA hosted their Annual Gala that was attended by over 230 guests, set a record by raising $210,000 for Pratham USA's educational programs in India.

LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy, sponsored the prestigious Pratham Annual Gala held in October 2014 at Chicago. Ram has been a proud supporter of the Pratham organization for many years now.

LanceSoft’s Account Team was extremely dedicated and responsive to our changing needs for technical skill sets. They worked very hard to meet our requirements ensuring timely delivery of qualified resources. A truly professional organization with high levels of quality, backed by an impressive team.. Highly recommended!"
-A Fortune Banking and Financial Company

"A pleasure working with LanceSoft who were committed to deliver high quality and desired volume. Their team was very cooperative and accommodating to our varied business needs. They offered good-fit candidates with sound technical and interpersonal skills. Streamlined processes and functions ensured prompt issue resolution." A Leading US Telecom Organization"
-A Leading US Telecom Organization

"I am very pleased to work with LanceSoft. Impressive quality of service that consistently met our expectations. They have diligently demonstrated their excellent understanding of our business needs and have commendable “can do attitude”. It was a pleasant experience of working with a great team of account managers"
-A Major US Retail Brand