Cyber Security

Data and Outcomes needs attention in SOC

Lancesoft provides pre built AI driven solution that identifies security incidents and threats before they appear in the wild- On average we have helped stop tens and millions of potentially devastating attacks with a system that knows how to protect our customers operations in SOC

AI Led Security Operation Center Support and Services:

Take control of your SOC operation in front of malicious cyberattacks with our data science driven approach to managing your SOC

  • AI led SOC operations with Early warning Signals
  • Predictive Incident insights for Proactive intervention
  • Incident Forecast with Cyber Treat intelligence
  • AI Led breach Simulation for Cyber Threat Resilience
AI Lead Cyber Security Services:

Lancesoft Security Assessments team performs analysis by employing the skills and tactics that would be used by malevolent agents. We make a full report of our attempts to gain access to a network, and walk an organization through the process. As a strategic partner for most Security Vendor Solutions, Lancesoft has industry leading experience with Security technology. We can select, design, implement, customize and run security solutions for your business

AI Led -Cyber Security Operation Services:

Lancesoft offers comprehensive advisory services covering everything from cooperating on high-level strategy to identifying low-hanging fruit, supported by AI Capability and experience and ingenuity that can bring your security posture up to date. Starting with security implementation work, we’ve grown to become trusted advisors in the most highly regulated, largest enterprise networks. Through our strategic partnerships with security software leaders and our ground-level perspective, we keep closely in-step with all emerging solutions and trends in the industry. Whether you need a Security overhaul from the ground-up or a round of AI Lead actions to your SOC, we can help you in your Cyber Operation initiatives.

AI – Lead Identity & Access Governance :

Lancesoft helps in Compliance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and your ability to compete in the marketplace all depend on your Identity of your environment. Lancesoft experience with implementing customizing and optimizing identity management solutions is unsurpassed. Finding the right identity solution is tough. But even once you make the choice, you have a choice: who do you get to make it work? Access Management is one of the core principals of IT and IT Security—granting and revoking access, controlling and monitoring access is vital to both the efficiency and security of your business. Without access management, your systems and data are either wide open or unavailable, and neither very useful.

Governance Risk and Compliance Transformational Service:

Risk is inherent in all organizations. It is part of business. What’s important is how you identify and manage the risk in your environment. But these days, countless regulations and standards out there are forcing every organization into fear mode. Working with an independent third-party can take stress and fear out of the process.

IT Governance describes the processes that ensure effective and efficient use of IT in enabling your organization to achieve its goals. Basically — this means making sure IT is working to support business. But Governance doesn’t have to be a process that steals time from IT or business, and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of innovation..

What we do
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Policy and procedure writing
  • Implementation of solutions supporting IT Governance
  • Securing data, transfers and at rest

What you need to know

  • Automation can go a long way to mitigating risk as well as help with Compliance and Governance.
  • Complex solutions are not always the answer. Assessing your organization’s business is the first step.

Infrastructure Data and Application Security

We understand that high-priced consulting and software solutions are not necessary for SMBs but they still need the assurance of secure applications and networks. Apart from affordable pricing, we offer unlimited testing for a year, which guarantees false positive elimination and business logic testing, also helps you cover the entire gamut of compliance requirements by ensuring business-critical information is secure and safe from threats.

Network penetration testing– Testing the first line of defense or obvious entry points for a hacker to get into a network such as perimeter of the infrastructure, firewalls, router, switches, and so on

Application penetration testing – Testing an organization’s website and internal or external hosted applications for vulnerabilities in code or design flaws

Mobile security testing – Testing mobile environment in an organization to secure the risks associated with multiple vulnerabilities in platforms Mobile application security testing methodology includes combining static application security testing, dynamic application security testing and manual validation.

This list is not comprehensive. If you are searching for a role not listed, please contact us.