News - 2014

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LanceSoft's CEO participated in the AIF Gala in Bethesda, MD

LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy participated in The American Indian Foundation (AIF) Gala held in Bethesda, MD. AIF is a non-profit organization that plays a key role in uniting the Americans and Indians to become active contributors to India's development. The event successfully collected over $30,000 for the cause, which collectively came from its sponsors, donations and silent auction.

LanceSoft's CEO sponsored Pratham Annual Gala at McLean, VA

LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy, sponsored the prestigious Pratham Annual Gala held in October 2014 at McLean, VA. Pratham USA hosted their Annual Gala that was attended by over 230 guests, set a record by raising $210,000 for Pratham USA's educational programs in India.

LanceSoft's CEO sponsored Pratham Annual Gala for the Washington DC Chapter

LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy, sponsored the prestigious Pratham Annual Gala held in October 2014 at Chicago. Ram has been a proud supporter of the Pratham organization for many years now. The evening was based on the Gala theme, celebrating the Success of the Pratham programs over the last 19 years in India and congratulated the supporters on completion of a successful year. The Gala also highlighted the success of Pratham's signature programs including Read India, Second Chance, Vocation Training, and Annual Status of Education Report (ASER).

Pratham focuses on its mission to improve the quality of education in India and uses cost effective-scalable methods and works in collaboration with the government, local communities, parents, teachers and volunteers across the country to achieve its mission. Please click here for picture of the Pratham Annual Gala.

LanceSoft participates in the TechFetch Executives Conference at Edison

LanceSoft participated in the prestigious TechFetch Executives Conference held at Edison, New Jersey. LanceSoft's CEO - Mr. Ram Karuppusamy, presented a talk on how to-Build, Scale and Improve the operational efficiency using the Acretix Platform. The talk was well received and LanceSoft had a great opportunity to network with the key executives and exchange ideas on this subject in the Conference.

LanceSoft participates in the VISTA Conference at New Orleans

LanceSoft participated in the Vista Conference in New Orleans, USA. Our CEO Ram Karuppusamy shared the stage with Rolf Kleiner, CIO, Kelly Service and James Bowmer, CEO, Workway to present the Acretix CPX Platform - an independent, powerful and cost effective software solution for end-to-end automation of back-office functions.

VISTA is an executive conference that addresses the unique challenges faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Staffing Suppliers, responsible for volume staffing through Vendor Management Systems (VMS). LanceSoft created a unique exhibit for the attendees to demonstrate how the Acretix platform can provide a highly beneficial environment to the MSP/VMS for overcoming these challenges.