About us
LanceSoft’s mission is to establish global cross-culture human connections that further the careers of our employees and strengthens the businesses of our clients. We are driven to use the power of our global network to connect businesses with the right people, and people with the right businesses without bias. We provide Global Workforce Solutions with a human touch.

We are appreciative and thankful to the clients and employees we work with every day that have made us a respected global workforce provider. We want the experience to be worthy of your investment, whether that investment is in capital, time, reputation, education, or skills you've acquired. We want to do right by you, create stories that you'll share with your friends, colleagues and peers.
Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity
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Workforce Augmentation
We assist companies bridge the gaps between design and implementation We’ll take partial or complete ownership of projects while you drive your core business. We will design and implement a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines the purpose and scope of the work, location, timelines, project-specific activities, deliverables, special requirements, etc. and then with your support drive this project to completion.
Four P’s
LanceSoft is built upon four pillars: Purpose, People, Performance and Partnerships. In undertaking these principles, we acknowledge our responsibility to adhere to them. These core pillars are who we are, and where we come from. They are what we base our decisions on. They frame how we interact with our clients, our vendors, our community, and ourselves. They form our culture and shape our relationships and our work.
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About us
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Four P's
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